Innovative Digital Queue


Queue Listing

Create Digital Queue in a SaaS platform and Maintain all Digital Queues in one place.


Digital Signage

Provide real-time Queue Progress display for waiting customers.


Multi-Channel Interface

Allow customers to join the Digital Queue using the web, mobile and IoT device interfaces.


Avoid Physical Wait

Locate Digital Queues around you using QueueOne Mobile / Web interface to join the Queue from Home and avoid physical presence to reduce the COVID-19 spread.


QueueOne Marketplace App

Marketplace App for all the Queuing needs, right from Grocery Stores, Hospitals, Saloons, Schools, Restaurants and more.

  • Download and Login to create an account with your phone number.
  • Search and join various Digital Queues in and around your locality.
  • Some Queues can provide time-slots, pickup a slot and join the Queue.
  • Get a QR enabled Digital-Token for your position in the Queue.

Real-time Communication

Get real-time communication via SMS and App notification about the Queue Progress and also receive hail notifications from the Digital Queue Providers.

  • Customize your alert preference
  • Receive real-time communication on the Queue Progress
  • Need additional time to reach the store/facility? no worries you can request for wait-time.
  • Get live updates and many more...


Social Distancing is must to break the COVID-19 spread. Waiting in the physical queue de-purpose the lockdown measures and increases chances of spread. With QueueOne you can avoid physical queueing.

  • Take Position for a Queue right from the home.
  • Get the token and real-time communication in your mobile.
  • Go to the store/facility when you have called or on selected time-slot.
  • Get your service done without waiting

Avoid Physical Queues

Customer health matters the most. Enable Social Distancing by using QueueOne to avoid a physical queue.

QueueOne Platform

  • Register your Organization on the QueueOne platform.
  • Create a Digital Queue.
  • Define Queue operation type (First in First Out, Slot Time, One In One Out, and more types) and customize communication.
  • Enable access for store employees
  • To Onboard Customers,
    • Activate your Digital Queue for QueueOne Marketplace access. (Or)
    • Share Digitial Queue URL with Customers.
  • Leverage our innovative feature to better serve the customer.

QueueOne Coordinator Mobile App

Connect and Manage the waiting customers with ease.

  • Download the QueueOne Coordinator Mobile app.
  • Validate and allow the Customer, by scanning the token.
  • Simply CheckIn / CheckOut the customers, the platform will do rest.

Collect Visitors Contactless Forms

Visitors can scan the QR Code at your building entry points to fill out a contactless form and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Setup In-Take Contactless Form
  • Get the QR code for the Queue and place at your building
  • Visitors can scan the code and provide details
  • Get an entry in the QueueOne SaaS platform and Coordinator Mobile App
  • Connect and Engage with the Visitor

Generate E-Passes and Passports

Issue daily passes to Individual/Organization to sequence and authorize citizens movement.


Citizens health matters the most, use QueueOne to avoid the crowding.

  • Expose Digital E-Pass Queue.
  • Define Intake-form to collect documents.
  • Define daily limit.
  • Validate the documents and allow / deny the requester from the Digital Queue.
  • QueueOne platform invalidates the issued E-Passes by end of the day.
  • Authorities can use QueueOne Coordinator App to scan and validate the E-Pass.

Generate and Issue Immunity Passport or Vaccine Certificate which could speed up return to work after COVID-19.

  • The platform helps Authorities to generate "Immunity Passports".
  • Passports can be generated in multi-language, with expiry and associated information.
  • Issued Passport certificates can be validated with Queue Coordinator App QR Scanner.
  • 128-bit encrypted Digital Passport can be retrieved on-demand.
  • One Passport to allow citizens to work, shop and do more.
  • Authorities can invalidate the passports in a single-click.
QueueOne trail, usage and feedback videos help to understand the QueueOne Platform with realtime examples